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T-Shirts Printing


Choosing a T-Shirt

The first step to t-shirt printing is to select the medium you would like your design to be printed on. Asia Apparel carries a wide array of ready stocks of various brands such as Printwears, Hanes and Oren Sports, just to name a few. However, if the ready stocks designs do not meet your requirements or you have a custom t-shirt design in mind, we also provide t-shirt customisation services.

Choosing a Printing Method

The second step would be to select the desired printing method (or methods, should your design requires). Here at Asia Apparel, we provide a wide range of printing methods such as Silkscreen, Embroidery, and Heat Transfer. Do not worry if you are confused by the different t-shirts printing methods, as our experienced staff will advise you on the most suitable solution to meet your needs.

Other Printing Services

We also provide provide printing services for other apparel and accessories other than t-shirt printing. These items includes caps, windbreakers, polo tee shirts, shorts, socks, slippers, bags and many other items. Therefore you are not restricted to t-shirt printing at Asia Apparel.